Unusually Large Antique Cast Iron Bank

The front of the bank is embossed with HOME SAVINGS BANK, DETROIT MICH over the door, flanked by two windows left and right of the door and four steps leading to it. In the background can be seen a chimney with gambled roof windows in front of it. A steeped pitched shingled roof is on both sides of the windows. Measurements of the bank: Height 11″ x Width 6 1/2″ x Depth 8 1/2″


Back side of large cast iron bank with door having windows on left and right side of it. Arched embossed ‘THIS IS THE PORPERTY OF THE HOME SAVINGS BANK” OVER THE DOOR. The whole bank side including the gamble window is hinged to open and reveal the inside coin boxes. Two coin slots on each side left and right allow for the deposit of coins into these boxes. H 11″ x W 6.5″ x D 8.5″

Bank open to remove the money

Bank view from the top