Black, White and Red Leather Antique “Kids” Cap Pistol

Black, white and red leather antique pair of “Kids” pistols in decorated holster set with decorative chrome details. Fashioned with leather holdup strap and metal belt buckle plus red plastic bullets in mounted belt. Measurements: 12″ high and 22″ wide around the belt to the buckle.

Mid-Century Modern Steel Red Scooter

The mid-century steel red push scooter is fitted with all the trimmings. It has coated handles for grips with fluted steel foot rest for non slip action. Good rubber wheels and foldable kick stand. Height 32″ x Length 27″ x Width 5 1/2″

Colorful Antique Croquet Set

Colorful Croquet set complete in all aspects. Includes brass wickets, carry handle and game instructions in secure center box. Length 30″ x Width 7″