A Rare Antique Green Leather and Brass Fender

A rare antique green leather and brass fender also called a “Bumper.” A raised brass molded frame supports two leather seats with eight 1″ square legs; four at the front of the seats and four at the back attaching the seats to the brass molding. The leather trimmed seats have an inside brace cover-up edge preventing damage. The distance between the seats or “cut through” is 34″. The height of the center curved “cut through” is 3.5″ high, with the front 1″ square legs being 8″ high. There are three cast brass floral motifs on the front edge of the “bumper”: one at the mid point of the curved “cut through”, the other two below the left and right leather seats. Fender dimensions: 53″ Width x 14 1/2″ Depth.